Something Lurks There

This started out a lot darker – but I’m not a dark goth person, so I had to work hard to make something of what started out as a gloomy fuzzed out bass line (actually quite a few parts – most of which I threw out).

Lat week I wrote a song that I also did not like at first – but a week later, and many listens, I like it now. Lets see if this weird song makes that grade.

4 Comments on “Something Lurks There

  1. Have you ever stopped to wonder, while you’re creepily repurposing some unknown (probably dead) person’s ancient snapshots, who will be creepily repurposing YOUR snapshots, some 80 years hence?

    Actually, you don’t have to wonder. Facebook is doing it RIGHT NOW. *rimshot*

    At least she will live on in some sense as long as that photograph does, so she’s one of the lucky ones.

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    • I would be honored if anyone even looks at my old art or listens to my music. I could care a less what happens to photos of me.

      But I’d be honored if someone made something of any old photo


      • Yeah, just to be clear, it wasn’t a criticism. It was more of a rumination.

        And yes, I would prefer that fate to the obscurity that ultimately awaits us all.


      • Totally got that, and your observation is really interesting


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