Basement Puppet Theatre

The Puppet Theatre ended up under the house

No music today – it’s been a huge weekend wrapping up getting my basement art studio / puppet theatre set up. Its been weeks in progress, actually, but I’ve completed the really “heavy lifting” work – like laying down subflooring and flooring, building work benches and sanding and staining the puppet theatre – which now just needs a little last paint and stain touch up here and there.

My version of the “Greek Theatre Masks” or Tragedy / Comedy masks . . .

I have my first art work that will be reviewed by the puppets – in that frame. Its the finished “Combine” that I started a few weeks ago – now committed to the 8 x 10 wooden panel.

These photos are not that great – just quick shots with my camera while I was cleaning up – I’ll do everything better justice soon. I’ve got a lot going on right now – and its all fun. I’m maybe a week away from starting to do stop motion videos of creepy puppets and scoring music to go along with the images.

Terrible photo – but it at least gives an idea

OK – I hope to be able to start filming maybe even starting next weekend. Fingers crossed . . .

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