Homage a Raoul Hausmann

This Beauty Will Be Adorned Hausmann Style Soon

This balsa wood beauty arrived today and while it was kind of cool, it didn’t have enough contour and the painted on eyes and eyebrows were lackluster. My enhanced photo above makes it way more interesting than reality.

So, out came the Dremel tool, and 10 minutes later:

Much Better: She is Now a He

On the heels of my last photo shoot, (which featured Lenore, my Assemblage paying homage to Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven), I enjoyed it so much, I want to do another similar one.

Lenore of Nevermore

You’ll see the colors and textures of my favorite Dada art pieces …

Fruit of a Long Experience by Max Ernst – 1919

The color and texture of these assemblages really speak to me. Also, the time they were done was right after WWI, and in or around the pandemic. My grandparents, aunt, uncle and father would immigrate from Stuttgart to the US just a few years later.

Mechanical Head: The Spirit of Our Time by Raoul Hausmann

Electricity in every home was new, radio was new, even automobiles were new. Tanks and chemical weapons were used during WWI, and the world was changing in ways that truly set the stage for rapid industrialization of the modern era.

Raoul Hausmann, Spirit of the Age: Mechanical Head

Right after the 1918 pandemic, the world rebounded with an age of prosperity. The Roaring 20’s must have been something.

Ok, a little stain in just the right few spots, and my new wooden head guy will be ready for adornment. I have a few items on the way, but a happy accident happened when I grabbed the gold frame, headsets and Morse Code Telegraph Key. It feels like a nice homage and I do have a title in mind and concept that is a reflection of Hausmann, 100 years later and one pandemic later.

I’ll write about it when this Assemblage is done.

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