Halloween 666 Series #4: Nevermore

The Full Nevermore Set

This year I am celebrating Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and quite a few other poems and stories that were inspired by both his Mother and Wife (both) dying at age 24 from Tuberculosis. He might have had some existing mental health issues – but his substance abuse and unending grieving seemed to drive him mad and over the top. He was a very smart guy – but had a rough life and died a really sad death. I suppose he would be sort of like “The 27 Club” – where famous artists died early. However, Poe made it to the ripe old age of 40. But in a weird way, he reminds me of Kurt Cobain.

The Raven on His Pallas Perch
Adele and Maggie in the Balcony Seats
The Full Stage Proper
Edgar and Lenore
In Memoriam
Things Get Lonely at Night
He Can’t Stop Thinking About Her
Maestro, Play Us a Sad Song
Its Enough to Drive You Mad
Imaginary Puppet Theatre Stage Left
Pallas Sings Her Song
This Show Was Originally Broadcast on KAW Radio AM-666
Lenore Will Be Never More

I think with this episode – I’ve exhausted (exhumed) my Poe energy. Next week I will have a really diabolically funny (and yeah – somewhat cliche) Halloween Perennial Favorite theme – but I promise – it will be twisted in my own way and style. I’m quite excited.

Stay tuned, in Tune, etc

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